Monday, April 11, 2011

New week, new direction?

Last time I posted late last week the only action on the house all week had been a days worth of electrical fit out. Since then the electricians have been back (Friday) and STOP PRESS - today when I drove by after the daycare drop off  there were CARPENTERS there. Thats right people - you read correctly - plural. Not one, but two.


So what did they do? Seems they finished (finally) the cladding on the inside of the master bed balcony. I didn't take a pic, will try to do so tomorrow. Its not done as the one at the display is, or the one I linked to late last week for sale so I am going to ask about that.

In this pic the cladding has a long strip at the bottom and a smaller piece at the top which lines up neatly with the pieces that wrap around and go above the doors. On ours they have done the longer bit at the top then a really small awkward looking bit at the bottom. Not feeling it!

And this is the Laguna 36 display at Kellyville Ridge. Same arrangement there with the cladding.. Hhmmm.

So close...

As I suspected that spotlight I was questioning in my last post was actually incorrect! The one above is the correct one.

This is the flooring I have chosen - Bamboo flooring in Brown Sugar (antique style)

Our front yard also had a clean on Friday - SO nice to not see the huge mound of junk anymore! Our water meter was buried among tall grass and almost obsured by building waste and we received a huge water bill recently, which we questioned. So we had to read the meter and let Sydney Water know the reading - once we located the meter! We found it had been leaking too, and today it looks like we have a new one :)

So this week the following is scheduled:
 - Carpenters back tomorrow
- Brickies back Thursday (our lovely brickie is going to build us a letterbox out of the leftovers so tomorrow I am off to Bunnings to find one that can be bricked in!
- Showerscreens by Friday
- possibly wardrobe fit outs too.

And in the next two weeks the place will be cleaned, I assume the garage door will go on once the brickies are done, and the painters are due back.

Apparently our SS is aiming for PCI late next week, but in all seriousness I will be shocked if it happens then. I would love to be proven wrong :) Still lots and lots of little things to be done!

Hope all is progressing with my fellow building bloggers!


  1. Yay for progress!! Very exciting!

  2. Well hello Mr Carpenter & his buddy - thanks for coming! Can you just chain them up until they actually finish this time?

    Your kitchen could be straight out of a magazine. Really, it's beautiful Shayne!!

  3. hallefreaknloujah shayne!! yaay for the progress and I love your bamboo flooring :)

    Fingers crossed for a PCI next week!

  4. Stunning balcony off the master bedroom!
    It's all so close!

  5. Yay for the tradesmen onsite! Love that bamboo flooring!

  6. Love your choice of flooring, your house is coming along nicely Shayne, Im super envious as I have no idea when we will actually begin building. Cant wait to see more!!

  7. wooooo hooooo!!! I hope your SS is right about PCI, wouldn't that be nice!

    Love the bamboo flooring, I've been hearing so much about it lately. You'll have to let us know what you think once it's in.

  8. It's looking good! I'm pretty sure it's going to be fabulous once you're finished! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx