Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Surprises

I had the pleasure of sneaking past the house today and was pretty happy with the amount of progress that greeted me.

As I knew, the brickies had been and tidied up lots of loose ends which is fantastic. The meter box has been moved (which is fab as an electrician friend had questioned where it was previously..), the original hole in the wrong side of the house has been bricked up, the windows have been finished, outside the powder room (where the window was moved over) has been fixed up and we now have front steps and a step from the garage into the house. Must've been a problem with the front steps however as one is missing.

In other news- the front balcony balustrade is done, the wardrobes have been fitted out, the wardrobe doors are on, the linen cupboards and pantry shelves are in (although I added an extra shelf in the pantry and walk in linen which haven't been done (I'm guessing someone didn't check the plans! ).

Kitchen cupboard doors are still on the floor (and have been moved again!) - I've had a look and there are scratches on the bottom so will be mentioning that to our SS.

FINALLY the largest bank of stacking sliding doors has been properly packed underneath, is level and shuts - happy day!

Some pics:

Excuse the light - it is a miserable wet day here today and it was raining at the time.

Front steps minus one? Or maybe they have allowed for fill? Pretty sure there are 3 on the plans

Wonky light ;)

Step in garage - exciting stuff huh?

Walk in pantry shelves - one more to be added

Gyprock STILL to be patched in here - then tilers need to come back. Doors removed under sink for some reason too..

Outside powder room windows - hows that for an exciting photo?

Step into garage - to be finished off I assume :)

Powder room - mirror still to come

Wardrobe doors fitted

Balustrade fitted - on plans its states ' aluminium handrail' - I don't remember choosing a colour for it but I must have!

Linen cupboard #1

Wardrobe doors - master bedroom

'Matrix' panelling fixed - and corrected after our SS saw it and wasn't happy with it (neither was I so I'm glad he agreed!).  Looking forward to seeing it painted.

Two out of these three panels have chipped corners..

Looking back into master bedroom

Looking from Master Bed back through house

Ensuite - shower screen to be fitted. Cannot wait to see the house clean - its SO dirty!

Looking out to Master balcony

Master Bedroom

My walk in :) To be fitted professionally after handover!

Walk in linen cupboard

Ooops - chipped door - walk in linen cupboard

Looking through leisure room to Master Bedroom

Coming down stairs looking into study and entry

Cut out in loungeroom - view will be much nicer post landscaping!

Kitchen and family room

No hole!! Hooray! 

Garage side of house

Its a jungle out there

Looking up!

Its a long way up!

So - where to now?

Now the garage door can go on, still waiting for mirrors and shower screens (house can't be deemed habitable until they're fitted I believe?), that laundry issue has to be fixed, kitchen doors need to be sorted, painters need to come back, sparkies need to finish a few things and a few other odds and ends need doing.

House will be cleaned late this coming week apparently and our SS is hoping for PCI late this week too - although my money is on the week after Easter personally.

So close I can taste it.


  1. Just gorgeous! Just trying to picture the room where the paneling was wrong. Is that like an outside room? or your verandah from your bedroom. It all looks heavenly.

  2. Thank You :) Yes, its an Outdoor Room/balcony off our Master bed - purely indulgent!

  3. So much done Shayne but oh so much more before PCI! I get upset that they can't clean as they progress....a little respect.

    View from the balcony is gorgeous.

    I too had an extra shelf put in pantry and linens....left off and had to return. Came to the conclusion no they don't read plans!

    Hang in there.

  4. Looking great Shayne. Agreed with Debra, lovely view from the front balcony. Lots done this week,makes you wonder they leave so much to the last minute. We've been set PCI for Monday and our SS forgot that we are missing one basin from the main bathroom. How can you forget that?

  5. Sooooo close! It's looking so great!!! I love your balcony - actually I love it all :)

  6. I am in LOVE with your master balcony Shayne - pure bliss!

  7. Deb it would be a great idea if they did a few clean along the way if you ask me! I'm hanging - not long now!

    Thanks Sandrine - great news about your PCI :) LOL - no idea how they can forget such things! I think they each have way too many jobs on their plate.
    Good luck Monday!

    Thanks Karla :)

    Thanks Tonia - every time I go there now I just picture us living there, and I don't want to leave!!

  8. This is one nice looking home! And a great blog, we should add. We have linked to your blog. Would you be able to link to ours? Thanks, Chris and Sue