Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week 34... Hello? Anyone home?

Well folks another day on site yesterday saw another day of zero activity.

Our mail redirection has lapsed for a few days so I have to endure the torture of going past the house to pick up our mail thats haphazardly stuck in the site fence so it doesn't get pinched until the redirection starts up again tomorrow.

Might cover my eyes today - LOL.

I did say my money was on PCI being next week didn't I? Wonder if I am off the mark there too?

Our beds are now all ready for delivery as well as the lounges, fridge, tv unit, coffee table..

Hope I dont have to make too many more calls begging stores to hold onto our goods just a bit longer!!


  1. Here's hoping for something exciting to see today! How long was the build supposed to take?

  2. Fingers crossed for PCI Shayne! Don't worry I am praying for you! Btw you can always get your furniture delivered to my place LOL we have heaps of space since ALL our old furniture has been sold heheh :p

  3. Awww...that sucks!!
    I can't imagine how frustratingly disappointing it must be for these continual broken promises. Especially since it would have been realistic for you to be moving in this weekend. They just don't get it these builders. It's a waste if the Easter break. See...I'm pi$$ed off on your behalf.

    Big hugs to you all and I hope you have a wonderful Easter. Xx

  4. Maybe M have gone on hols work at mine since Monday of last week. Have tried calling SS a number of times this week with no returned calls - great customer service. Not hard to call and say yes I got your message sorry about the hold up...that's all I want. Hang in there!

  5. Karla no joy - empty site again today. Very frustrating. According to them they still have about 3 weeks to go (thanks to the 5 week Xmas shut down they automatically claim even though there was no 5 week shut down on our site at all.

    Tonia - LOL! Thanks hon!

    Reinsey - aww, thanks!! Massive waste of a good 5 day break :( Looks like my Mothers Day target is not going to happen either - boo Metricon.

    Newbuild - I hear ya loud and clear! Next we know they will be claiming an Easter Shutdown too!! Customer service is terrible - not a good look for the company if you ask me - not that they seem to care mind you - as long as they have our cash ;)

    I fear this situation is turning me to the drink my friends!!