Thursday, September 9, 2010

An empty block, excavation & piers

Once the big machines had finished with the place it looked like this:

We had a huge Camphor Laurel, Liquid Amber and Silky Oak that needed to be removed, and a smaller Crepe Myrtle to come down also. In the above some of these had been removed, some hadn't.

Down comes the Silky Oak! We drove by at the right time that day.

Almost ready for building!

There once stood an enormous Camphor Laurel & was a corner of the yard we could never use.

One last tree and a few shrubs still to be removed.

And so, about 6 weeks after moving day, we had a site start!

I received a call from our SS on Tuesday 31st August to let me know works had begun - a mere 2 business days after we signed off on our final construction drawings. Nice.

On Saturday September 4th we went to the block to see what had been going on.
And this is what we saw:

Super exciting to see movement at the station finally!

Looking back and across from kitchen to dining/living and outdoor room

Plumbing for kitchen sink, looking back toward living area

Looking toward the front of the house. Plumbing for laundry and powder rooms, study, entrance and garage on the right.

Looking back from garage (will be the lowest point of the house) toward the lounge, dining, kitchen and living areas.

One day there will be a driveway here!

View from across the street.

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