Thursday, September 9, 2010

Without futher ado - a slab.

As previously mentioned we met our SS on site on Monday September 6th and he told us that if the weather held out we would have a slab the following day. Needless to say, I was veeeery excited. I spent  a good chunk of the rest of that day at Di Lorenzo making our tile selection (Jason would rather pull teeth than watch me agonize over tiles for hours), and watching the sky for signs of rain..

When Tuesday dawned sunny and clear I was like a kid at Christmas, and after my sons Gymbaroo class we went past to see what was happening on site.

We arrived to see a concrete pump truck being packed up and a few guys putting the finishing touches on our beautiful slab. Happy day. 

Its very handy to be able to get a rear shot from above our block. Those lines on the left at the back full of water? The edge of our outdoor room.  Normally this would line up with the house but as we were already pushing it with rear setback Metricon decided to shave a metre off..

So there we have it. A gorgeous slab. Never been so excited about a bunch of concrete in my whole life.
Something I was wondering about - we should have steps leading up to our front portico, these are shown on our plans and on the plans it states " Concrete landing poured in conjunction w-/ main slab inc. 1500mm pre cast steps. Should these have been poured along with the slab as that wording suggests? Any of you out there come across this in your experiences?

I will work on a post about Studio M, the "paperwork" process, our selections and upgrades in the next few days.


  1. Super impressed Shayne! We're just building on a blank block of land and thats been hard enough, I can't imagine what must go into a knock down re-build! What part of Sydney are you building in?

    We are living in Cronulla at the moment, so it is really hard to get down and monitor the progress and get good pics of it all - I'm hoping we won't have missed too much this week - planing on getting down on the weekend!

    As for your stairs, i'll let you know how we go, we will be having the same thing at the front of our house - so i'll tell you whether they do it initially at our place too - when we FINALLY get a slab!

    Love your blog, and am looking forward to following it!

    Lauren x

  2. Hi Lauren,

    It has definitely been challenging so far - this part of it is almost 'relaxing', now that all the selections have been made and we are underway! SO much goes into a knock down rebuild its incredible!

    Oh wow, we are only about 20-25 minutes away from our block (which is near Parramatta), it must be hard being that far away..

    Have you heard from your site supervisor yet?

    Will be keen to see what happens with your stairs then too..LOL. Might call my SS about it and ask him.

    Hope you get a slab soon - I am sure it isnt too far off :)


  3. Hi Shayne,

    Not sure what the deal is with Metricon and what is included in your package but when we built our investment properties in the Hunter Valley we had to do the stairs and landing ourselves when we did the driveway...what a pain that was! LauraG

  4. Thanks Laura,

    We actually paid extra for the landing and steps and it specifies on our plans they were to be poured with the slab so I'm not sure what has happened!
    Must investigate and I will be sure to update when I find out :)


  5. Hi Shayne,

    Congrats on your slab, huge milestone. You've certainly both been running a marathon considering the knock-down too.

    We also had to pay extra for a relatively small concrete landing and then backed out of it at the last minute thinking we'd save the exorbitant charge and extend our paving there instead. Definitely make sure you chase it up.

    By the way that's a cool vantage point you've got from behind your block, should make for some great progress photos.

  6. Hi Craig,

    Marathon indeed! with the research, decision making, paperwork, emails, phonecalls then packing, moving, putting most of our worldy possessions into storage, demo, tree removal, unpacking etc all with a toddler in tow I am exhausted!

    It is great having that vantage point, it will definitely make for some great photos! It will also help to be able to tell just how easily people can see into our master bedroom and ensuite..LOL!

    I will definitely chase up the steps. We did consider having a slab laid for our outdoor room too then decided to deck it so no need. The portico however is raised quite high off the natural ground level and requires 4 steps to get to it so it was something we didn't mind paying extra up front for :)

    Looking forward to seeing the next step on your block, seems our builds will be very close together time wise!