Sunday, September 26, 2010

Frame looking mostly complete - roll on the brickies!

Went to the house today to have a look and took lots of photos. I still cant believe we are at this stage less than a month after site start..

Hello pretty house! Love how big the front door is going to be (2340H x 1030W) and the ceiling height in the study (front left) and entry is 3044mm due to the slope of the block. 

We cannot wait to have a big garage - our last one didn't even fit one car in, let alone two!

Eventually there will be a balcony where that door is on the left ;). It entirely made of brick so we should see it take shape in the next few weeks.

I took this one standing where the kitchen will be, looking out to the Outdoor Room

And this one from the kitchen looking through the Dining Room - all those huge open spaces will have timber stacking sliding doors. I assume they will be installed soon as I imagine the bricklayers need them in to brick around. 

Those Mop Top Robinia's (trees that look like lollipops) have a bunch of dirt pushed right up to their trunks so I am going to go over one weekend soon and clear it away so it doesn't damage them. I love those tress and will be very upset if they don't survive the build. I noticed today one has had a run in with a crane or frame or something as a big branch has been snapped recently :(

Bedroom 2. Balcony will be out that door. Thats a nice big bedroom measuring 4080 x 3970.

Master bedroom. They have those same (or very similar ) windows in the Master in the display laguna at Kellyville and I specified I wanted the same. Turns out looking back at photos ours aren't as high as the display ones which I am a little annoyed about but I guess thats why you should triple check plans and details. 
Oh well, can't be changed now and they will be fine - its actually nice to be able to see out of them I suppose, but I do think if they were placed a little higher they would have made the room seem more spacious. 
We will have a timber bi-part door leading out to the balcony so I chose to have timber windows in here to match.
Ceiling height up there is 2550mm. Cant wait to have a spacious bedroom - 4790 x 4950.

Living area (downstairs) I had that long narrow window added in as a variation, in the standard house there is no window there at all.

Looking back toward Outdoor room and balcony off Master Bedroom. We chose not to have Metricon pour a slab out there along with the main slab as we will have the area decked so a slab isn't necessary. Its easy to see now where our Outdoor room (and balcony) have been shortened by a metre due to the rear fence setback, as standard they line up with the rear wall of the house.

Looking toward Living room & Master bedroom. That big panel of chipboard between the two windows downstairs is an alcove for the tv etc.

Its hard to tell how much they had to cut the site at this point but it is a good metre or so. We will need a retaining wall along the back there and all the way down the side of the house to be built after handover. Goodbye lots of money!

I just realised today we will need steps to get out of the laundry door!! Having a sloping block is full of extra expenses - from site costs, to steps, to cut & fill, to retaining walls to having to have a spilt level downstairs to higher ceiling heights!

Should be an exciting week onsite with bricks delivered tomorrow, plumbers onsite tomorrow also and bricklayers due to start Tuesday. I assume then the house will be wrapped tomorrow with blue plastic that goes between the frame and bricks.

The weather forecast is favourable for those of us building in Sydney this week with sunny days all week - I hope that pans out..

I am off to visit family in QLD with our son on Tuesday but will be bugging Jason to drive by regularly for updates!


  1. Wow! Amazing Shayne, its looking great! I feel your pain with the sloping block issue, its never ending! I think out back and front yards are going to need some professional help... I'm so daunted by the whole landscaping thing!! Have fun in QLD :)

  2. Thanks Lauren, looking forward to a break, I hope the little man behaves for me so I can relax & enjoy :)
    Urgh, sloping blocks! We had to submit complete landscape plans for the entire block with our building plans so I know its going to cost a fortune! Retaining walls alone will cost a fortune! I love gorgeous gardens so it will be well worth it - just not sure how long it will take up to get around to doing it all!
    It was really hard designing a landscape plan and not knowing exactly what the slope would end up like after all the cut & fill (we did have a professional landscape designer draw up plans) - and I thought it was a bit stupid actually, to have to do it before the build but councils will be councils!!

  3. Hey hun
    Its looking fabulous and great to see it taking such shape!
    When do you expect to move in?
    Really enjoying your blog. I read every post even if I don't always get to comment.
    Have a fab weekend.
    Elisha xo

  4. Thanks Elisha!
    I am really hoping to move in around the end of March next year - fingers crossed! Whilst the pace is fast now I know it feels like things slow down a lot once the action moves inside plus we have the Christmas break so not sure how long tradies are off for over the break..
    Our supervisor said once we are further into the build he can give us an idea of a finish date :)
    Enjoy the rest of your long weekend xox

  5. Looking great Shayne. Seems you guys did a sneaky site inspection same as us. :) Yes that sloping block thing really gets ya. Am thinking of starting to make some enquiries about retaining walls to get a feel for the amount of punishment to expect. :)

  6. LOL Craig - I am sure we aren't the only ones doing those site inspections! Seems every blog I read and have read in the past the same thing happens ;)

    Oh, the slope! We had a landscape designer over to draft plans for our landscape design and he said don't be surprised if its 20K for our retaining walls. Ouch.

    Cant wait to see how your place is looking!

  7. Wow that's crazy money. Landscapers seem to have the same traits as plumbers and laywers with their charges ... I wonder how it would compare to engage brickies directly, perhaps someone out there with greater wisdom could comment?

    Yes, we've got new photos, we'll post them up as soon as kids permit. :)

    Hope you're all having a nice holiday.
    Craig & Sandrine.

  8. Wow! It starts to really take shape! Enjoying looking at your blog as we are also building the Laguna (not stared yet though). Our block also has some slope so I am better to think of landscaping plan too, I guess (although Metricon's plans do not show the need for retaining walls)

  9. Has anyone reading looked into concrete sleepers for retaining walls?

  10. Hi Craig,

    Sounds interesting, I will take a look at those links in the next day or so :)

    I haven't thought too much about the retaining walls at this stage (except for cringing at the thought of the cost!) but it is definitely something we need to think about at some stage.

    Hope all is moving along swiftly at your place!

    Hi Christophe, these houses really do take shape quickly! I have been following your blog and am looking forward to seeing another Laguna go up - I haven't come across any other blogs where they are building a Laguna :)