Thursday, September 30, 2010

Resolution of the 'power pole issue'..

Jason spoke to our SS this morning who informed him that the power pole was indeed in the incorrect position. Apparently the sub contractors did install it on the WRONG SIDE of our property.

They will be back (today, I believe) to move it to the correct position on the other side of the property.

Not any fault of Metricon's at all but still very frustrating as the appearance of that tree has now been ruined thanks to a mistake that could easily have been avoided if someone had bothered to check that they were installing the pole in the correct place.

I felt like a bit of a nuisance bringing it up but I feel it was something well within my rights to question - we are afterall paying a lot of money to build this house - and clearly questioning it was worth it.

So a good result, I'm very pleased it will be rectified - I really didn't expect it to be moved but  I am glad I voiced my displeasure (something I am not actually comfortable doing!).

We have booked a walk through with our SS for Monday week - looking really forward to seeing the bricks up close and personal!

Oh, and I wanted to shout out to our Customer Service contact in the office (you know who you are!) who replied to an email from me at 7.35am this morning - thats dedication!


  1. Hi Shayne, so nice to see so much progress on your house!! And nice work regarding the, brick layer - I wonder if he'll do ours too? Actually, I wonder if my frames are going to go up any time soon... My Mum did a drive by yesterday and nothing at all has happened... and they were supposed to be starting early this week... so for now, I'm living vicariously through your blog!!


  2. Hey lauren,

    Drove by the house today and its looking great! I wonder if the same bricklayers will do your place??

    Have they started on your frames yet??

  3. Hi Shayne,

    The frames have been started only the first floor done... I've updated he blog finally!

    Hope you had fun on your holiday!