Friday, September 17, 2010

These guys work fast..

I bundled our almost 2 year old in the car this afternoon and off we went to inspect the exciting developments on site.

Compared with the photos Jason took at about 10am this morning they are powering along:

Entry, study and portico.

The door and side lights there in the right of the photo are for Bedroom 4 which sits above the entry and study.
In the garage there is a stack of windows. Most of our windows are Surfmist, apart from the Master bedroom which are timber to match the bi-part sliding doors we have in there.

Right at the back of the house on the right of this photo is the Family room, and the large opening to the left of the photo is the Dining room.

Large opening seen here is for stacking sliding door into Dining room, and the one on the right is for a stacking slider into the Family room.
More windows piled on along the fence.
Looks like they have cleaned the site too since I was there last.


View from the neighbours front yard.

So exciting to see such progress in one day!

Looks like its set to be a gorgeous weekend here in Sydney - hope everyone has a good one!


  1. Hey, that's fantastic Shayne. Great photos too from every angle. Hope you both have a great weekend too and can celebrate the progress!

  2. Looking fantastic, looks like you have a good size portico and backyard with a fantastic house in the making :)

  3. Thanks guys! So excited at the prgoress :) Our block is 650m2 so luckily we still have a decent sized yard left, albeit differing levels due to the slope of the land. We also have a little room left at the side of the house which will be great for entertaining so we are really happy with the way the house fits on our block.

  4. Proofreading is good ;) That of course should read progress!