Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Frame frame and MORE frame!

It has been a little while between posts mainly due to a very busy week but rest assured the house seems to be powering along.

I was last there on Monday, and steel beams had been lifted into place over the garage door opening and along the length of the garage and the chippies had been hard at work with the frame, and the walls were starting to take shape also.

Jason went past today and told me it was coming along but I didn't get the impression there was anything exciting to report.

Until he sent me photos.

Apologies for the quality - they were taken on an iphone.

Is that the beginnings of the upstairs floor I see?

The opening you see there will be our kitchen window splashback.

The garage.

Ah, theres a guy up there - thats a big change from Monday and very exciting to me!

So, as you can see they have started on the second storey. Woot!

These are from Monday, for comparison:

Lots of trusses etc ready to go.

Lots of windows and the odd doors and sidelights.

I am hoping to get time to swing past site tomorrow or Friday (hopefully both) so will report on any progress then.

Haven't heard from our SS in weeks, no matter I guess seeing as though we can see whats happening on a regular basis.

I'm really keen to see how our facade will end up looking, the only display home we have seen in the flesh has the Vogue facade and we have chosen the Kingston.


  1. Great to see it taking shape Shayne.

    Looks like we're virtually neck-to-neck!

    First one to the top is the winner hehehe ;)

  2. Hi Craig - we do seem to be neck-to-neck dont we! Very keen to see how things are at your place!

    Apparently our frames were completed yesterday (Friday) which is great news! Bricking starts Tuesday :)