Friday, September 24, 2010

Good News Friday - Day 24

Jason swung by the house today and true to form it was progressing nicely.

We received a call from our SS who said the frame will be finished today, on Monday some plumbing will be done and bricks will be delivered and the brickies will start Tuesday.
That means we will be getting a nice big invoice for the framing stage any day now.
I am in the area late Monday afternoon and am DYING to see our bricks en masse (its so hard to choose them looking at a 1 x 1 metre wall!) so hopefully they will be there then.

I almost can't believe that the frame is completed just 24 days after the very first day on site when excavation was carried out. Blistering speed!

Lets hope things continue to run as smoothly as they have so far!  Of course there are any number of things that can crop up and cause delays but for now we will happily take this fast pace!

Heres a few pics from today - I spot windows!! Oh - they are not black, thats a protective plastic covering the frames..

And I see more roof trusses. One thing I am kicking myself about is not choosing to pay the extra few thousand dollars to have eaves all the way around the house. Our facade comes with eaves at the front and down each side to 7 metres along the length of each side only.

I am hoping to nosy around the site at some point this weekend, I haven't seen it for myself since Monday so am really keen to do so. Have a great one!


  1. Hi Shayne,

    House is looking great! How fantastic is it to have them on site all week and working hard.
    Keep up the god work.
    I know exactly what you mean about choosing the bricks, I found this hard too. Its such a big decision and you want to choose one that wont date. What colour did you go for?
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Sandrine,

    Thanks, so exciting! How is your place looking at the end of this lovely week?
    Its funny, when we chose the bricks we were still hesitant about upgrading too many things, trying to keep the budget under control so I stuck with the standard range and chose 'Orpheus' from the Whitsunday range . They are a mid brown (hopefully consistent colour) which I am hoping will contrast nicely with the lighter colours I have chosen for the gutters, fascia, eaves, windows and cladding. What color did you guys choose?
    You have a great weekend too - sounds like the weather will be great!