Thursday, September 23, 2010

What a difference a day makes!

Jason drove by the site today and the progress is astounding!

On previous drive by visits I have only ever seen two guys working at the site but for this much progress in one day I wonder if they have increased the workforce?

So exciting to see the outdoor room and balcony (off Master bedroom) taking shape, as well as roof trusses.

Looking rather imposing from street level. 

Cant wait to get there and see the changes for myself.


  1. Everyone keeps telling me "when the frames go up you'll think ohhh, its not that bit...will there be enough room???" I just don't see that myself! They all look huge at this stage to me! Loving this weather we're having- very conducive to home building, it's looking great!! x

  2. Haha, Lauren I have often read the same thing! I wandered around inside the other day (sshhh..) and thought having the frames up made each room feel bigger than when it was just slab strangely! Maybe because it was so much easier to figure out the delineation between each room.

    I'm going over tomorrow to have a looksie - DYING to see the frames finished!!