Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We have bricks!!

Jason did a quick drive by yesterday and could see the brickies had been on site but couldn't see any actual bricking had been done although bricks had been moved around in preparation.

Today however we were excited to see some brick walls taking shape!

Halfway up the garage has been bricked up already - impressive.

This is halfway up the external wall of the 2nd downstairs living area.

And around where one set of our huge timber stacking sliding doors will eventually live  - thats the dining room in there :)

And around the back wall of the main living room alcove.

Cant wait to see the colour of the bricks en masse once they are cleaned!

The grout is off white so from what I understand will lighten up once it dries and will be a really nice contrast to the bricks.

I am certainly no expert but from here the brickwork looks fantastic - I am looking very forward to having a closer look when I get home from QLD.

We actually have a funny 'small world' story about the bricklayers; Jason met a guy through work and they got to talking and he told Jason he worked for Metricon exclusively which was already a coincidence because at that stage we were still going through the tender stage. He mentioned we should request he do our brickwork, and we did ask about it at the time and were told to talk to our SS when we started construction.
Fast forward to our first site meeting with our SS and it turns out the same bricklayer is the one who works with our SS - talk about small world!!

I have no idea how long to takes to brick a house so it will be interesting to see how fast this stage progresses..

Oh, and a quick point to note - I thought the house would be wrapped in a plastic sheeting before bricking began but thanks to another blog I read I have learnt that the wrap is required in VIC due to the cold and in QLD due to the humidity but not required in NSW! Thanks Megan & Stefan for teaching me that little tidbit!

Until next time - happy building!


  1. and did you know in WA we pretty much exclusively build double brick only with steel (no wood). Yup.

    Double brick is much cooler for our hot summers!

    Still love the blog!

    Enjoy Qld!

    Elisha xo

  2. No, Elisha I did not know that! Makes perfect sense however :)
    Lots of older homes here are double brick but it seems to be a much less popular option these days. You would think in these times of energy efficiency & green living double brick would be more prevalant.

    Thanks - glad you are enjoying the blog! Have a great week xox

  3. Oops - pretty sure I cant spell prevalent!

  4. Shayne, what bricks did you go with? I tried to look on your blog to find it, but I couldn't see where you might have mentioned it? Are they they low profile (skinny) ones?

  5. Lauren we went with Austral ' Orpheus' from the Whitsunday range :)

    I remember mentioning that somewhere on the blog but I have no idea where!

    They are just the standard size - I do love the smaller ones though - I think they are 50mm? I think standard size are 70mm or something similar.

  6. Shayne, how exciting that they started bricking already, woohoo! The brick colour is looking great!
    We were told by our SS that our bricks would be delivered this week (so far no delivery) and bricking starting next week, cross fingers.

  7. Sandrine its very exciting! So far the timing with each team of tradesmen has been spot on - maybe we were lucky that they were available just at the right time, but nonetheless we are very impressed that our SS seems to have timed everything really well.
    From what I understand each SS works with heir own team of bricklayers so perhaps yours are finishing up another job?
    I cant wait to see the bricks once they are washed :)