Saturday, September 11, 2010

A quick drive by..

Being a gorgeous sunny day here in Sydney we drove past the site hoping to be able to sneak a peek at the slab up close and personal but alas it was not to be! The site was chained up tight, which is a good thing so I had to make do with peering through the blue Metricon wrap they have placed around the site fence since we were there last. They had removed the timber frame from around the slab and it looked pretty good to me.

I called Dave, our SS about the steps yesterday and he said Metricon likes to do them later, so never fear - they will appear at some point! Good for anyone else building on a sloping block to know for future reference I guess.

Our frame is due to be delivered on Tuesday, weather permitting, and should start to go up soon after provided weather is fine and drainage (I cant remember exactly what our SS told me this was about..oops!) was completed.

Here are a few pics from today -

After visiting our block (is it sad that I just want to stay there and look at it every time I go there??) we went to see the display Laguna at Kellyville Ridge ( I cant even tell you how many times I have been there now!!), here are a few snaps - 


It was really lovely out there in the warmth of the afternoon. I cannot wait until ours is finished!!


  1. Good news about the steps.

    It's great to have the big blue sign up at last heh?

    Funnily, ours acted like a sail and with the the strong winds last week pulled the whole fence over and port-o-loo too. Looked a bit like a bomb went off. :)

    Hope your frames arrive today.

  2. haha, on no! We actually had sections of our fence fall onto the neighbours driveway a few weeks back - oops!

    Your frames look lovely - as do the windows!

    I'm sad to see rain today :( I havent been by the site today so not sure if the frames have turned up, might check it out tomorrow.