Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chaise Love

I haven't mentioned yet that we ordered our new couches about a month back - with an average of a 12 week wait we thought it best to get our skates on and order those babies!!

We are going from one living are to 3 - hence the plural. We needed 2 new couches ;)

And the best part of all?

A long time dream of mine came true when I found THIS:

Any of my friends know I have been coveting one of these for years..

So - I met this lovely piece in Bay Leather Republic, and the original price tag was $3,995. Ouch. However it was reduced to $1,500. Still ouch. Sales person tells us as we are buying two couches and they only have a few of these left we can have it for $1,000. Hmmm.

We ended up getting it for considerably less than that in the end and I am thrilled!!

Now I just need to decide if it will go in the master bedroom or my study.. Decisions decisions.

This will be going in the main family room (the large open one with the kitchen and dining), in this colour, with an extra armless one seater to slot in between the two pieces to bulk it out. Eventually we will get an armchair too as we have the space and could use the extra seat when entertaining.

And this will be going in the leisure room upstairs - in the colour pictured. Jason is so kindly modelling it for me!

Very happy with those choices, big tick of the veeeeery long list of things to buy and do!

If only I could decide on a bed I would be even happier..


  1. Bring back "Sale of the Century" I say... Jason's missed his calling as a prize showcase model. :)

  2. Absolutely! LOL. he has the flair of that arm/hand down pat!

  3. We ordered ours about 6 months ago!! haha (from bay leather republic too!) also ordered a lounge from king furniture!

  4. How lovely! I so wish we were in the market for a new lounge. Ours are only a few years old but are dark in colour and I so wish I had got a light one now.

  5. The chasie.........oooohhh I like! We haven't even discussed furniture yet, I guess we should probably think about it!!

  6. Hi guys,
    We love that fridge, which store sells it ? We may pop in one day to have a look.

    Thanks again,

    Love your blog
    James & Mrs

  7. The chaise is damn amazing.I'm planning for my new home,hope I get ravishing furniture for it.