Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello kitchen, where have you been all my life??

The kitchen has landed!

I decided late this afternoon to meet Jason at the house on his way home from work and when I pulled up our SS was there too - good timing!

The poor guy installing our kitchen was there (almost finished) when I got there at 4.30 - it was another scorcher with high temps around 36 where we live today compared with yesterdays 43, so I felt for him working in that heat!

So we got a rundown on what is happening in the next few weeks:

The architraves, skirtings and doors were supposed to be onsite ready for a fixing carpenter who was booked for tomorrow but the delivery still hasn't arrived, so our SS was on the phone chasing that up..
That delivery will now arrive Friday so the carpenter will be onsite Monday.

The tiler was due to come tomorrow (the sand and cement IS for the tilers!!) but the waterproofing needs to be inspected first, so thats booked for Friday and the tiler will be pushed back to Monday (maybe Saturday if they are keen??). Although the tilers cant really do the whole job until the carpenter has been through.

The Ceasarstone benchtops are booked in for Feb 7th which is Monday (if they all turn up at once Monday will be super busy!!)

Thats all I can remember right now!!

And now for the pics:

These are from the day between delivery and installation -

Powder room (wrong colour)

Microwave Tower

Its like giant Lego ;)

And from today:

I think there may be more storage space in the island alone than our old kitchen ;)

Looking into pantry and fridge cavity - shelf above fridge is also Concept Oak

LOVE the island. It looks SO much bigger in our house than in the display for some reason!

Here you can just see the window splashback - gyprockers need to cut the gyprock around the window to reveal the entire window when they come back.

Yes - thats our microwave provision on the left. Long story for another day - not thrilled about that arrangement but in the end I was rushed into making a decision about it..

The laundry comes with a bonus 2 year old!

Peekaboo - the broom cupboard is just the right size for hiding in ;)

Ensuite - LOOK at all the storage and bench space - woohoo!!

Medicine cabinet above each sink in ensuite

Love seeing so much progress in one week - the next few days will be quiet however until those fix out materials arrive - then next week should be action stations again!


  1. oooohh the kitchen looks gorgeous, love the colours. Your ensuite is haoooge! There will be no storage issues at your place :)

    Exciting to see so much happening. Did you ask your SS about a completion date?

  2. Thanks Rachael :) Very happy with it - you know what its like - choosing the colours SO far in advance then waiting months to see them in the flesh..

    I did ask him when we can expect to be given a completion date and he said once the painters have been through and done their first coat he can give us a good idea.. he keeps his cards close to his chest!

  3. ps. your son looks like he's enjoying himself!

  4. WOW!!!

    That is THE biggest ensuite vanity that I've ever seen!
    Re: laundry cupboard - I hope ours doesn't come with a 2 year old :)

  5. Rachael - he loved it! It was so cute to see him walking up the stairs and exploring his new space - he won't know what to do with all the room we will have :)

    Reinsey, LOL, I hope your laundry doesn't come with a 2 year old either!
    Yep, it is one big ensuite vanity! See the thing is, the standard option left these dinky 30-odd cm gaps on either side of the vanity so I thought that was useless and all I could do with those gaps would be stick a rubbish bin there (visually thrilling..NOT.) so why not extend the vanity and really maximise the space!
    Same logic for the laundry - I thought it better to use up the wall space above the bench as otherwise it is dead space (and it really wasn't very costly in the end..).

  6. Lovely to see it coming together! All the more delightful that it looks wonderful! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  7. Thanks Kellie - once it is finished I dare say I will be popping onto your site to snag a few finishing touches for my bedroom ;)


  8. Ooh la la, very special indeed! Love it!

  9. Just gorgeous. The kitchen is fabulous, a real show piece. Will be great to show it off to friends and family for years to come.
    As for the ensuite vanity. Just amazing. Looks very celebrity bathroom like :)

  10. Thanks Ladies :)

    Sandrine I LOVE your kitchen too - its looks gorgeous, and I love how balanced it is, perfect for an OCD perfectionist like me! LOL.

  11. Wow Shayne, what an amazing kitchen, those drawers in the island bench are just fantastic, oh and the ensuite...I've never seen such good design with so much storage and done so stylishly well done!!! can't wait to see it all decked out with the finishing touches that you will decorate with, looking good!!!
    Helen M

  12. Hi Shayne, I realize this is an old post but I am wondering ehat the story is with the microwave tower? I am trying to work out my m/w tower and I'm interested to know what options you were given and what it cost you for the tower if you are willing to share $ info of course :)

  13. Hi Kirsten - the story with the m/tower is that I wanted a cupboard, at bench height, with retractable doors to use as an appliance cupboard. This meant moving the position of the microwave either up or down (to under bench height). I wanted it moved up (not in line with overhead cupboards, but lower), and Metricon refused. I WASNT happy about that as I have a number of photos on file of METRICON display homes that have the m/wave position at a height I wanted it at.
    So basically I had to settle for having it at under bench height (which I know a LOT of people do these days - its just not ideal for me, and I'm not thrilled about it being there with kids in the house.), if I wanted my appliance cupboard. I actually wanted the appliance cupboard to open out onto the kitchen bench but that was WAY too hard and complicated for both Studio M and the drawing department to comprehend so it opens outwards. Not ideal but better than nothing.
    The first lot of drawings had it UNDER bench level and opening outward. What on earth did they expect me to use that for?? LOL.
    The m/wave tower cost us $1390 but I imagine it could have risen in price since our tender stage.
    I was able to customise the tower (obviously, given that story!) and I think thats within the standard price. I *think* to have it situated on the other end of the kitchen may have cost more?
    Hope that helps - any other questions ask away!

  14. Hi, your kitchen looks great! I love the colours, do you know the brand and colour of the woodgrain? And is it gloss or a matte finish? Erin.