Monday, February 28, 2011

Im baaaaack....

Ok so that post title is probably a lot more jovial than I feel right now!

After a long door to door journey and sad goodbyes to Bali and my gorgeous girlfriends I am back, firmly dumped unceremoniously into real life once again.

I already have PTD (post trip depression) and am dreaming of how and when I can do it again!).

Yesterday this time I was looking at this:

While sitting on this after a hard day in the sun:

And today I'm not (boo!).

Today I'm back to my head filled with flooring, driveways, landscaping, wardrobes, window coverings, carpet & furniture..

While away I received word that the following had happened at the house while I was away:

First coat of paint finished, gyprocking complete and waterproofing of master bedroom balcony complete, and this week will see tiling finished and then painter will do the second coat. AND by next weeks end we should have an end date in sight - woohoooo!!

Will go by tomorrow to take some pics :)


  1. I'm suprised you didn't go home via the new place. The house is always on the way to anywhere isn't it?

  2. :) that u had such a great time out from real life, but selfishly glad ur back so we can see more of your beautiful home!! Be gentle on you during PTD phase!!

  3. Jay I was intending on going past later in the day while picking up our son from daycare - but he was at home sick and by the afternoon I was so tired I was in no state to drive after flying through the night!

    Reinsey thanks :)