Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Progress pics

I had a chance to pop into the house today and was happy to see two tradies trucks out the front!

One seemed to belong to a plumber (I think?) - who was doing something on the roof above the garage when I arrived, and the other to a gyprocker who was finishing off around the window in the family room when I walked in (and smoking like a chimney which I wasn't thrilled about but I guess we can't do anything about that..).

I had a quick look around and noted the powder room window issue had been fixed, the bulk of the architraves and skirtings had been fixed, the first coat of paint applied, and powder room sinks had been fitted.

And now some pics -

Powder room window moved into the correct position

First coat of paint in downstairs living room

Study - starting to look like a real room! Skirtings have been left off at our request in preparation for our flooring to be installed.

Looking from upstairs living area to bedrooms/linen cupboard and toilet

Built in wardrobe in bedroom

Windows in same bedroom - I think this will be our sons room

Standing in landing looking toward upstairs living area

Master bedroom looking out to balcony. The tall door leaning on the door frame is the master bed entry door (waiting to be stained).

Master bedroom balcony ready to be tiled

And clad..

Ensuite - sinks installed and architrave fitted and painted with first coat (Dulux Lexicon)

Feature tile in ensuite - hard to see but it has a floral pattern on it

My walk in wardrobe :) 

Dining room outlook (note outdoor room ceiling cladding still needs to be replaced). 

Looking into dining room and kitchen from outside

So this week should see the tilers return (and I REALLY hope - finish) and aside from that I'm not sure what else to expect! Painter back perhaps? And if we are REALLY lucky? An estimated completion date!!

Till then..


  1. It is looking SPECTACULAR! Cannot wait to see it all finished!

  2. Your house is beautiful Shayne. Can't be much more to do now??

  3. Wow, its hard to believe how much has been done at your place looking at ours!!

    Its looking beautiful!

  4. Aaah progress :) It's coming along nicely, love those basins in the ensuite!

  5. That walk in wardrobe...wow. Lots of room for shoes :)
    Bet you can't wait to have a nice quiet glass of wine on your balcony once you get handover!
    What colour stain are you having for your stairs and wooden doors?

  6. Sorry Ladies - been FAIL with keeping up with comments lately!

    Reinsey too much more to be done for my liking!

    Thanks Lauren - hope things start to happen for you guys soon too!

    Thanks Rachael, I love my basins too :)

    Sandrine I chose the darkest colour stain from memory - Merbau maybe?