Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fly by update..

Just a quick update - things are slowly progressing ;)

Today a grand total of FOUR painters (Sandrine - four! Can you believe it??) were working at the house when I drove by at 9am - and the truck was still there at 4.15pm - nice to see some tradies who put in a full day!

I'm keen to see how long it takes them to finish with four of them on the job. They have a lot to do - the second coat on all walls, skirtings, architraves and all the doors and timber windows in the master need staining, as do the stairs.

I've been busy organising things in the lead up to handover too. We ordered our bed (FINALLY decided on one!), mattress (SO looking forward to king size!) & our sons mattress on Sunday at Domayne, I've been talking to wardrobe & cabinetry places and today, with much joy, I locked in our carpet!

Yesterday I was at Bella Vista and had some time up my sleeve so decided to pop into Carpet Court. There was a guy there talking to a guy from Metricon head office which intrigued me.. When he heard I was building with Metricon he told me he would look after my quote - hhmm.
Long story short? Apparently Metricon & Carpet Call have a deal and Carpet Call 'look after' Metricon clients if they send them over ;)

So - I chose a carpet, got a quote today and its all locked it - woot!

Will post some pics of the paint once its finished ;)


  1. Progress! Happy days! Looking forward to seeing some pics once all painted.

  2. my brother in law shayne..he is the rep at carpet call..he will do u a better deal!!! trust me!! call him! haha

  3. I dont know Tonia - there is a bit of a story to it ;) The manager of the store wanted to look after me (have my sale on his figures) but the guy from CC head office said he (the manager) couldn't match the price head office could do as it was below cost ;). Part of a deal they've struck with Metricon apparently.

  4. Loving the progress, good to hear! Have you got a PCI date?