Thursday, March 3, 2011

A plague on both your houses!!!

Ok, so more like a pox..or 300..and only one house but Romeo and Juliet sprung to mind when I saw that our house has been littered with blue dots ready for touch ups..

Those of you in the late stages of building will be familiar with the plague of dots!

Unfortunately however no sign of any other work done at the house since I was there on Tuesday.

The tilers are supposed to be back this week - no sign. Carpenter needs to finish skirtings - no sign.

Other major things to be done in the home stretch include:

 - Brickies need to fill hole for meter box that ended up on the other side of house
 - Electricals - power points, light switches, fittings etc etc etc all need to be fitted
 - Plumbing - toilets and bath fitted, taps fitted etc
 - Carpenters - doors hung after painting, skirtings and architraves completed
 - Painters - second coat inside, srairs and doors stained & outside needs to be finished too (drainpipes and balcony)
 - Master bedroom balcony cladding to be fitted
 - Garage door to be fitted
 - Shelving fitted in pantry and linen cupboards (x2)
 - Wardrobes fitted out (just basic hanging rail, we will fit out after handover)
 - Stairs need to be installed - from garage to house and at front entry/portico

I'm sure this is loads more but thats what I can think of at the moment!

Here are a few pics from today:

Study & staircase

Front door

These tiles were ripped off to make way for archtraves I think - and dumped on my uncovered laundry benchtop - better not be scratched!

Living room

Attack of the killer blue dots! Someone is going to be BUSY!

Someone LOVES his new room!

Skirting still to be fitted here

Exploring Mummys wine time area ;)

Im disturbed our 2.4 year old is almost the right height for our ensuite sinks! My poor back!

Might give our SS a call today and annoy him - he hasn't heard my voice for two weeks ;) LOL

Hoping to post with tiling pics on the weekend but not holding my breath - its been AGES since tiling started - lets get it done already!!


  1. "the wine room" too funny!!!
    Why oh why do they rip things out all the time? It's not like yours is the first house they've built, so why do they tile, untile, retile? Must be very frustrating for you, but so so close now :)

  2. Loving the wine time area! Hope there's no damage to your caesarstone. All the cornice was rppied out of our bathrooms becuase they didnt realise we were getting floor to ceiling, why don't they just read the plans?! lol

  3. Makes you wonder why they don't just paint it properly first time around. Must be quicker than having to go back for touch ups. Sooooo close now!

  4. Very strange that they have painted the house and haven't got the skirting on.

  5. Jay the skirtings are on 90% of upstairs, just not painted. Downstairs (as I have mentioned a few times) I have requested they be left off to be installed after handover after we have our floors laid.

  6. Reinsey - LOL! Yes, very frustrating - if things were done in correct order without drama they wouldn't have other trades ripping off tiles here and there!

    Rachael - yes! We've had a few hiccups because some trades just dont read plans thoroughly!! We were happy to discover that Metricon now does square set in the wet areas in case you want to do tiling all the way to the ceiling later on - this used to be at a cost - small win!

    Karla I think it also has to do with irregularities in the gyprock? Maybe its easier to pick up once the paint has gone on?