Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today we hit 10,000 page views!


Thanks to all who bothers to read my sometimes nonsensical ramblings about this crazy journey :)

If only there were some tradesmen onsite to mark such a day - LOL!


  1. Are you sure they are not scared of you? Your contract actually says owners are not allowed on site for reasons such as injuries that Metricon could be liable for. Maybe they know you come and drop tool because they don't want to see you hurt. It might be your SS, instructions to them.

  2. ^^ ??? ^^

    Yay to the 10,000 page views! :)

  3. haha! No, its not me - they stay well after I pop in and leave again ;)

  4. Is this blog about building a house???
    I thought it was a Bali holiday brochure.

    Congrats on the stats!

  5. Reinsey always make me laugh.... and I need a laugh at the moment. Hang in there Shayne.

  6. Reinsey - LMAO! It would appear that way of late wouldn't it? Wish I were still there so I could continue to bring you all my lovely Bali pics ;)

    Thanks gals! Can't quite believe that any people are interested! And the little world map of visitors locations blows me away - no idea how they find me in some of the far flung places they visit from ;)