Friday, March 11, 2011

Another week gone..

And a few steps closer to completion.

It seems the carpenters have been back to the house sometime this week, as have the tilers (hooray!).

We now have a beautiful door pull attached to our front door - happy day!

I've read so many blogs where the lock and handle have been installed at weird heights so I am happy to report ours are at a perfect height :)

Glass still to be reglazed to be translucent. Lots of the blue dots around the house have now taken up residence on the floor..LOL

All external doors now have locks on them which is good ;)

On a recent trip to the house I discovered we have a few rogue tomato plants growing around the back (quite close to the house) and today I noticed tomatoes on one of them!
We didn't ever have tomato plants in our yard so they must've sprouted from the leftovers from someone's lunch!

Thriving in between broken roof tiles and building debris

The current view from the kitchen & dining room - a building wasteland!! Complete with leftover wafflepods thrown in for good measure. The block is going to look amazing once the site has been cleaned and leveled off a bit.
I love how neatly the stacker doors stack - there are 3 panels there stacked on the right - nice and neat, perfect for a slightly OCD perfectionist like moi!

A sneaky teaser peek at the kitchen mosaics - D Y I N G to see these grouted and cleaned up!!

Also I could tell from the 'new' pile of concrete waste on the massive pile of rubbish out the front that the tilers had been back -YAY!

And when I investigated I saw they had laid the beds of concrete for the balconies. Nice.

Master bedroom balcony

Ensuite tiles are also finished - just need grouting now

In addition to the carpenters fitting the door handles they have also done this:

Not sure what I think about that arrangement. I don't remember knowing this would be the way these two sheets of gyprock would be joined. I remember having a conversation at contract stage about wether or not we wanted a 'line' there (for want of a better way to describe it - at the display home there is a line in the join, which cost extra. I'm pretty sure I was under the impression standard was just for the joins to be filled and sanded like all the other gyprock joins. Oh well, no biggie, just wasn't expecting it!

So aside from those bits and pieces, some bricks have been delivered (also exciting - I suppose bricklayers are imminent!!) that seems to be it for the week.

Looking forward to our weekly SS call this afternoon for an update on what is to come next week.

This weekend its more bed shopping for us - yay.. Can you feel the enthusiasm??

Happy to say I locked in our window coverings, and the ball is rolling on those. Carpets still to be done, and on Tuesday I drove to the flooring place I had lined up to do our bamboo flooring (as we used them previously) and it was closed up with a sign saying they were closed until further notice. NOOO!

So now I have to find a new flooring place to do our floors - add that to the list!

See you all next week - have a great weekend!


  1. Looking extra fabulous!! Good luck finding a new flooring place! Very annoying I'm sure!

  2. Thanks Karla - its getting there! Yes, slightly annoying as I had done the legwork, decided on the colour etc and all I had left to do was call for a measure - but at least we hadn't paid a deposit or anything so theres a bright side I suppose ;)

  3. Looking wonderful as always Shayne! Shame about the bamboo flooring..but as I always say..things happen for a don't worry you will find a better flooring place :) try carpet brother in law George is the sales rep..he can do you a great deal!! :P 0411123205


  4. Ooh, thanks Tonia! Which carpet call is he based at (if you can write it publicly - if not we can email if you like ;))? I went to one last week and have been ignoring the pushy salesmans calls ever since..LMAO!
    Its not him - different name - LOL!

    Do they do bamboo? If not we still need carpet anyway!

  5. im pretty sure they do actually..i think they just started importing it recently. Not sure where he is based (he was at castle hill..then bella not sure) cos he always changes stores lol but just give him a call if you want and see what he says i guess! im sure he can help u!

    We are getting our floorboards from him too :)

  6. Beautiful front door and timber balustrade. Tiler getting on with job??

  7. Just had a full on what the moment...and this is a good reason why checking out house porn on your iPhone is a bad idea... I thought your kitchen tiles were yellow the other day, but NOOOO. It's the paper stuff Reinsey!! But they looked good yellow too!!! Oh dear!

  8. Looking good Shayne.Not much happening on our site too. A little bit of this and a little bit of that..I thought your tiles were yellow too, just like Reinsey he he.

  9. Thanks Tonia - will definitely give him a call - I'm keen to get the flooring locked in so I can stop thinking about it!

    Thanks Deb - tilers finally getting there :) Finish mid week this week apparently!

    Sandrine - isnt it torture? So much still to be done but not much seems to be happening!! LOL about the tiles!

    Reinsey - LMAO! Yes, looking at house porn on the iphone isnt always the most clear picture ;)

  10. Shayne front door and tiles looking great! Love your kitchen feature tiles. We have chosen them for our ensuite:) understand your surprise on the control joint on the stairs. We did upgrade ours to a small line as we saw timber fill option at a friends place. We are on the gold coast for a weeks break but have also been on a reconnaisance trip for garden art from a few balinese shops. Now we have to drive home with a few stone sculptures and pavers in the car. Also got our glass pool fence feet up here a lot cheaper - half price - than sydney. Good luck bed and floor shopping. Rush

  11. Agreed. Such torture.. You would think that they would put extra resources to finish up and get their final payment. After all then they wont have to hear from us when its all over. Our SS's must like talking to us and hearing our moaning he he

  12. I spoke to Di Lorenzo today and the tilers are their contractors. Maybe contacting them would get a result on getting the tiling completed.

  13. Hi Shyne,
    thanks for sharing yr experience. they are very useful for me, as we are going to build laguna 35 as well. i am so excited to see what yr house is going to be like finally.
    wish you luck

  14. Hi Rush :) I remember when we had our walk through with the sales person she told us standard was just nothing - no line, no nothing, so I am pretty annoyed that she obviously DIDN"T know what she was talking about!!! I would have chosen the line over the architrave I think. Good job on the pool fence - thats great! Great minds think alike on the tiles (both kinds now!)

    Sandrine I am seriously doubting handover when we were told it would happen at the rate things are going!! I bet they can't WAIT to handover though to get rid of us!

    Anon - I know the tilers contract for Di Lorenzo, I actually have my tilers business card but I don't think its my place to call and tell him to hurry up!! They should be there today anyway..

    Thanks Blossom, good luck with your build!!