Thursday, March 17, 2011

Koko Black

Jason has been in Melbourne for work today and yesterday so naturally I had him visit one of my favourite places in Melbourne - Koko Black - and pick me up some of my favourite treats!

I envy Melbourne locals being able to pop in and have  Belgian Spoil or a delicious Iced Chocolate on a whim. We can have their wares shipped here to Sydney but alas I don't think Chocolate Mousse would hold up well in the post ;)

Koko Black has a salon in Canberra and are opening one in Perth - still no love for Sydney :(

C'mon Koko Black - Canberra? Perth?? Plleeeeease...Sydney next!!??

Hope you all enjoyed that chocolatey break from my moaning..back to normal transmission tomorrow..


  1. Max Brenner shayne!! mmmmm....waffles with chocolate lick *drools*

  2. We have Max Brenner in Brisbane, yum!!!!

  3. Mmmm chocolate. You're speaking my language!

    Max Brenner's ok but if you want to try something really cool, check out San Churro. Best. Ever.

  4. ha! Perhaps I should speak chocolate more often?!

    Max Brenner is nothing on Koko Black - it is D.E.V.I.N.E.

    Karla I JUST got back from San Churro!! Delicioius ;)

  5. I too am a koko black girl! I get their emails and was disappointed to see their new salon is in Perth! Hopefully all good things come to those that wait...