Thursday, March 24, 2011

Woo hoo - Loo!

After a quiet day yesterday at the house - Jason drove by and there were no tradies on site (despite the painters having been there on Tuesday), today was a hive of activity!

Jason mentioned that there were toilets and a bath in the study yesterday so I knew plumbing was imminent!

I rocked up late this arvo to meet a guy to talk about gates and fences and the painters were working away (at 5pm), and we have toilets, taps and a bath!! Running water - what luxury!!

I noticed on the weekend the garage door people measured up last week for our garage door so I expect to see that sometime next week hopefully..

Here are a few photos from today, I didn't take too many as I didn't want to get in the painters way.

Front door - glass still to be reglazed to translucent

Staircase with first coat of stain - Intergrain Merbau (I hope the final coat is much darker!)

Powder room sink and tap - super exciting!

Cold water point for fridge - definitely photo worthy eh ? ;)

Toilet - exciting but not so exciting..LOL

Ensuite shower with lovely rainfall showerhead

Ensuite tap

From another angle ;)

Bathroom shower

Bathroom tap

Bathroom tap & mixer - complete with painter standing in our bath!

Gorgeous bath - looking forward to a soak in here in Winter

So the painters seem to have been concentrating on the architraves so far which are looking amazing in gorgeous glossy Dulux Lexicon (half strength), and the staining of all the timber. There were three painters on site today as far as I could see. Not sure how much longer they will be there but I imagine it will be a good 3-4 days (could be less, not too sure!). They haven't done a 2nd coat on the walls yet, and the skirtings still need to be done too.

We should be getting an update from our SS tomorrow on the schedule for next week, looking forward to hearing what is planned.

Until then!


  1. Oh WOW!
    it IS like a real house now.
    love it. love it. love it all :)

  2. It's all looking so great!! I particularly love the fridge point :P

  3. the bath and tiling look fantastic! closer by the day:)

  4. Thanks Ladies ;)

    So close yet SO far!

  5. Is that painter trying to make a point. I mean STUD. Really?

  6. lol @ JayJay!

    Shayne, I love the tiles you chose for you bath, it looks stunning!

    What a great idea to have both the handheld and rainwater showerheads in your ensuite. We couldn't agree on which one to have....Simon got his way with the rainwater :)

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