Friday, March 4, 2011

And we have a rough completion date!

Jason spoke to our SS today and he is aiming for an end of March 'presentation', (PCI in other words), then allowing a week or two for the last of the last things to be done then its ours!

So it looks like we might just scrape it in and be moved in before Easter. Not as early as I had hoped but we are on the home stretch nonetheless.

Add to my list from yesterday - shower screens need to be fitted (they've been organised apparently), and the water tank also needs to be installed.

Thats a BIG list of things to achieve in the next 3 odd weeks - time will tell my friends, time will tell!

Still wishing I were here:

Instead of contending with my ever growing list do things to do/source and organise!

So far I have purchased or decided upon:

- Fridge (purchased)
- Bed for our son (purchased)
- 50" plasma (purchased - YEAH!)
- sons bedsides (purchased)
- washer and dryer (decided, need one week notice)
- couches for 2 living areas

Still need to organise:

- KS bed and mattress for our room
- mattress for sons room
- ENTIRE study furniture
- bedsides for our room
- coffee table for family room
- cabinetry or entertainment unit for family room
- blu ray player (x2?)
- TV for playroom/2nd downstairs living
- storage/furniture for playroom/2nd living area (couches already owned)

Among other things to do/organise for immediately after handover:

- driveway/path/retaining walls (awaiting quote)
- window coverings (quoting Monday)
- bamboo flooring (awaiting return call re: quote)
- carpet for upstairs (NO IDEA YET! eek!)
- basic landscaping to tidy the place up (awaiting quote)
- side gates to keep dogs in! (need to get quote soon)
- fit out 2 x built ins and my walk in wardrobe (need to get quotes)
- install clothesline
- outdoor room decking
- seal garage floor
- seal grout/tiles
- phone/internet/foxtel connected
- change battens to downlights

I'm tired just looking at that list!

Think I will go back to looking at the Bali photos ;)


  1. That's some list Shayne :)
    Our SS will not commit to a date. So frustrating as we need to give dates to fencing people, driveway people etc too.
    Apparently it takes up to 10 to 15 working days from the time the shower screens are ordered. why so long?? And why have they not been ordered already??
    Your pics of Bali are making me soo jealous:)

  2. Reckon you're ahead of the game by even having a list. Small chunks, then it doesn't feel so bad (I have the sound of music lyrics in my head about now!)

  3. Crazy list huh? I currently have no motivation to do any of it either!

    Our SS didn't actually commit to a specific date - which worries me - maybe if they gave us one it would be a good target to stick to ;)

    I'm guessing they cant measure for the shower screens until the tiling is finished??

  4. Reinsey thanks - that makes me feel better about it!

  5. Stop posting those enticing pics from Bali......I want to jump right into the photos! lol

    An early to mid April completion would be fantastic! Hopefully you'll be settled in by Easter.

    That's a scary list, I haven't even begun one. Unfortunately since we're also building the pool, it's not leaving us much $$$ to play with. Side gates, turf and an outdoor setting are top priority. I think we'll have makeshift blinds in the form of sheets for some time to come!!

  6. Wow in by Easter? Thats fantastic!! :)

  7. Rachael a pool will be FAB!! We have one in the long term plan ;)
    The list scares me too - but I am too OCD not to have one!!

    Tonia I can only hope - starting to doubt that timeframe though :(