Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Busy Busy Busy - me, not so much the house!

Just a quick one to let you all know I am still here plugging away ;)

I'm having a crazy week, our son has been pretty unwell with a respiratory tract infection, which meant his usual daycare days (Monday/Tuesday) were out the window this week - meaning the 101 things I needed to get done on those days fell by the wayside.

Such is life I guess!

I did have a few things I couldn't cancel so he had to tow along with me, and I have managed to book a few things in for next week, make some calls and send emails and do a bit of research for the house.

Jason is in Melbourne for work today and tomorrow also, so things are a little busier than normal due to that too.

Our window coverings are now all organised and measured for so they will be ready in 6-8 weeks (redishades here we come in the interim!), and we think we found a new bamboo flooring place on the weekend - $20 per m less than the original one! (Tonia - still need to call George!!), and I have been researching cabinetry companies who can fit out our built ins and build me some custom cabinetry all in one visit which would be great!

Still have LOADS to do but I am sure we will get there!

Not much happening at the house as far as I know - a plumber was there doing downpipes on Monday morning when I drove by. Tilers due back Tue/Wed (they weren't there yesterday morning today I assume..), then the painter is due back.

A question for those who have had their place painted so far - our painter has left an area close to most architraves and skirtings that he hasn't painted at all - my concern here is that those spots are only going to get one coat in the end - which isn't acceptable in my opinion - anyone else had that happen??

I have emailed our SS a list of a few things I had questions about but I didn't mention that - probably should have!

The end of the month is inching closer and closer - will it really bring us a practically completed house?? I wonder (and PRAY!)..

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