Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Estimated PCI pushed back - no surprises there.

Jason spoke to our SS today in regard to possibly gaining permission to have our solar panels installed ASAP - thanks to the government we may now miss out on the 60c rebate we signed up for - by the time we can get our panels installed. Pretty sure that answer will be a definite NO.

Apparently in this conversation our SS told Jason he now hopes for 'presentation' the first week of April - gee I'm shocked. NOT.

What annoys me about this is I was super doubtful when he initially told me he was looking at the end of March but he kept reassuring me things were on track. Between Friday last week and today things seem to have run off track.

Sure, thats the building game but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

Maybe if trades were actually there even half the days of most weeks it would be finished on time?

Cynical? - yes, this build has taught me nothing but to not believe it until I see it..


Oh well, looks like Easter will now be a wasted opportunity.

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