Sunday, March 27, 2011

100th post - going into Week 31 of build..

Visited the house over the weekend to see if anything new had appeared before our eyes, and a few things had been going on..

The painters have been plugging away (not that fast mind you - makes me wonder if they were there on Friday at all..), and the doors appear to have had a second coat of stain (which isn't as dark as I had hoped :( ), and all the architraves appear to be finished. On quick inspection the painting seems to be of a good quality which is great.

They still have to finish staining the stairs, and the skirtings need doing (2 coats), and walls all need a second coat.

We finally have a replacement for a window that was smashed by the gyprockers way back in January sometime in one of the bedrooms.

Also, I noted a week or so back someone had written in pencil on the bulkhead in the kitchen that it needed to be raised 120mm - seems as though that has been happening as our very expensive white poly cabinet doors have been removed and are haphazardly leaning against each other propped on the slab. I will be checking very closely for scratches..

Some pics:

The Laundry and Powder Room doors (I am very happy that they have taken all doors off hinges to properly paint them - have heard many stories of doors not painted top and bottom!)

Some of my kitchen cabinet doors & bits and pieces looking slightly less than pristine

My gorgeous poly doors like the leaning tower of Pisa..

The offending bulkhead - not sure what the issue was..

Oh - the A/C ducts have been fitted - looking much neater and closer to finished up on the ceilings now

Doors stained

Must remember to ask our SS about this gap under the door to the garage. Stairs still to be fitted - hope it wont look dodgy when finished..

Rainwater sticker next to toilet - wonder how long that will last after handover ;) ?
Not sure I knew the toilets used tank water - very happy about that!

The bath - sans painter ;)
Bathrooms looking close to finished now - just need final coat of paint, shower screens, mirrors and powerpoints and light switches..

A nice big dent in the roofing over the study - already collecting dirt from the rain pooling in that spot..

Front door stained - and still riddled with pox!

Looking very forward to seeing these spaces CLEAN and finished - two of my favourite rooms in the house so far!

Hello daylight! Pretty sure you aren't supposed to see the outside world through there!

I spoke to our SS on Friday who told me this week will see the painters plugging away (and I assume finish up), the carpenter come back and finish the cladding in a few spots, the Tassie Oak lining on the Outdoor Room ceiling and a load of other small jobs, and he said soon we will see shower screens/wardrobe fit outs etc.

The interior of all wardrobes and the pantry and linen cupboards seem to be painted and finished so that could be happening very soon. I guess everything should be happening really soon seeing as though he told us it would be ready for presentation the first week of April - ha!

So - we are SO close, yet SO far. At this stage I should be excited and anticipating a move in - although I just feel like it will never end and am feeling very overwhelmed by the enormity of trying to organise so many things while keeping up with day to day life all the while not having even a PCI date yet.

This will be week 31 of an apparent 32 week build according to the contract..Hmmm


  1. Wow, its coming along! It will be finished before you know it, just keep on them!!

  2. Love the doors all stained....oh! I too would cringe to see kitchen doors removed and propped up, just a little more care would be nice. Looking great though.

  3. It's cringeworthy to see all the new cabinets pulled off and treated like the floor of a taxi. The feature tiles around your bath looks really good!

    Regarding the 32 week double story 'guarantee' ... when we brought that up last week, we were told that "they have the right to allow for shutdown period and rainy days". Understandable to a degree, but surely it's a given that these would be factors in most builds!

    Future customers take note: it's just another case of false marketing and the customer having virtually no recourse after you've signed your life away.

  4. Craig - if you are in doubt of the number of rainy days they are claiming have occured, contact the Bureau of Meterology and they will be able to advise the number of rain days specifically in your area from date A to date B (whether or not there is a fee, I can't remember now)... then you can calculate the time for yourself.

  5. That's a great tip Lauren. I bet no amount of rainy days could justify them trying to renege on the 32 week guarantee for your build. :(

  6. Shayne the stained doors look amazing! I think the stain is just right (ours is the same stain by the way so I really like it! lol)

  7. Looking great. Love your main bath and your bag in the kitchen :)Is it Witchery? or Mimco?
    At this rate we will be in just in time to check the heating on the central heating. Hope you get lots of progress this week.

  8. Ha ha - too funny Sandrine. I was thinking the same thing. Nice benchtop, but LOVE the bag!!

    Seriously (I am a little bit) it's all looking amazing Shayne. Can't be too much longer now??

  9. ha ha thanks Reinsey. Sounds like you have a wicked sense of humour too:) Sorry Shayne. Bad bad that you can see the outside through the tile bit. You tell them.

  10. Well well - lots of discussion going on here!

    Lauren - I feel awful wining about being so close yet so far compared to what you guys are going through :( Hoping the next month or so goes fast for all of us - and brings progress all round ;)

    Craig TBH at one point it looked like they would bring it in way under the "contract" but as we all know things seemed to derail somewhere along the line..

    Tonia - aah great minds again!!

    Sandrine - LMAO! It is a Witchery bag - good spotting! Its a faithful from quite a few years back - and I have been looking at replacing it with no I had a copy made in Bali from gorgeous soft leather with silver hardware instead of bronze ;)

    Reinsey - you would *think* it couldn't be too long now right?? Seems like still 1000 things need to be finished!

    Keep the laughs coming ladies - we need them!

  11. Lauren - that would be *whining*..LOL

  12. LOL at the bag it!

    Looking good, hope there's lots more progress to come!

  13. Wow, it's inspiring to think that you're building this house, and I can see the fruits of your effort, and all I can say is, it's coming along nicely. I kinda miss building houses back in the old days, maybe I'll teach my son how to build this kind of house.