Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tumbleweed Tuesday.

Well the week got off to a roaring start - then came to a halt at 2pm yesterday when the site was deserted, and remained that way all day today.

The tilers decided to make an appearance yesterday but STILL haven't finished.

Out of 8 tiled areas only ONE is actually complete. TWO haven't even been started yet.

I asked the tiler when he would be finished and as usual he was cagey and told me they were there today (thanks master of the obvious), and that he had to talk to our SS about the balconies (which haven't even been started. Last drama was they couldn't do them because the balconies weren't waterproofed - what the deal is now I have no idea. What I don't understand is why on earth they left when there is still grouting to do in the kitchen, laundry, powder room, ensuite and toilet. What's the deal with taking off when they had plenty to fill up the rest of the day?

Grey hairs I tell ya!

The carpenters were there as planned and seem to have done MOST of what they can with what is on site. The replacement Tasmanian Oak Timber panels for the ceiling of the Outdoor Room are on site but haven't been installed yet and there are still a few odd doors here and there not installed - perhaps they are waiting for more?
The Master Bed Balcony still hasn't been clad/lined fully but the materials for that don't seem to be onsite either at this stage.

Today I went to Kellyville Ridge to check out the display homes again to look at a few last minute finishing touches/details, and also to lock in some more landscaping ideas.

Here are a few pics, not much to show really..

Powder Room feature tiles - not grouted yet. Those with a keen eye will note on the left of the mirror space they have managed to fit 3 mosaics - on the right only two - with space left..HHMMMM..

Always a welcome sight - even if only short lived

Kitchen mosaics still with backing attached - not grouted yet

FINALLY! Our doors have been fitted!

All 3 sets of doors - very exciting!

Family room

Front door complete with pox

Master bedroom balcony - doors finally fitted :)

Note on the top left the lining of the balcony has yet to be completed

Looking into ensuite - left hand shower wall needs to be finished

Tiles and cement ready for balcony to be done..

Bedroom - love these windows

Same windows from outside :)

Laguna 36 display at Kellyville Ridge - like lots of these ideas (not the water feature with a 2 year old though!)

Example of the kind of steps I would like - smaller scale though probably :)

Like this perhaps?

Love these too!

Wallpaper in entry of Riva display - love it!

What's next you ask? Good question!

Apparently the gyprocker, then painter I *think*. I reckon there's a bit to do before the painter can come back..

Will update when something is news worthy ;)


  1. Beautiful Tiles Shayne.....if they ever get finished, how frustrating they can't just stay on site. And what was he thinking with the powder room mosaics..too hard basket?? Hang in there.

  2. The Silver Fox (my hubby) is a builder and would go berserk if anyone tiled the bathroom mirror like that! Maybe you should have a tantrum or you will be looking at it for years. Looking good though. Those doors look great in. Very exciting!!!

  3. omg those tiles!! My dad is a tiler..if they dont fix them for you im sure he can fix them! haha I guess the spacing on the right isn't the same on the left thats why they didnt put 3 on the right side maybe? Pretty silly though!

    Love your timber doors...and ohh those timber steps at the front..LOVE...thats what we're having too! And also wallpaper at the front entry..we're having croc skin wallpaper for the entry and a similar design to your tiles in wallpaper for our bedroom..any ideas on what type of wallpaper your having for the entry?

    How exciting..its all getting there!!

  4. LOVE your doors, kitchen tiles, powder room tiles. But am not in love with your tiler. Is he lazy or just a moron? No way would I accept that uneven job. If they'd told you in advance that selecting those tiles would result in a gap next to the architrave and a lack of symmetry then you'd have to wear it, but that's just not on! I'm angry on your behalf Shayne!! Tell them that the blog ladies say it's just not cricket and to get his butt in there and finish the damn job - properly!!!!

  5. By the way...you should have gone past our block and had a sticky beak since you were in the area shayne! :)

  6. Ladies - thank you for sharing in my WTF'edness over those tiles.. I would ASSUME they are finished that particular area because I was there when he moved on to another room after watching him work on the powder room. Will definitely be talking to the good ole' SS about them.

    Reinsey I don't remember ever being told there might be a blaring lack of symmetry - I am guessing they cant cut mosaics?? Perhaps? And that why they have left them? I will be sure to report back when I have an answer!

    Tonia - bless you! If you get a chance ask your Dad what he thinks about the 'mosaic situation'!! I'm also guessing the spacing is off - which ultimately means the whole wall/window spacing is off slightly - GAH! They've already moved the right hand window once!
    PS - I did a drive around The Ponds and saw LOADS of Metricon places! Didn't spot yours though :(

  7. Ok girls - have emailed our SS and he replied back very promptly saying that the mirror will in fact be fitted centre in the space (I guess meaning we wont notice the difference!).