Saturday, March 19, 2011

End of another week.

Popped by the house today, hadn't been there since Tuesday. I was pleased to see the tilers had finally tiled the balconies, (minus a skirting tile on the main balcony) it's only been about 5 or 6 weeks since they started our job!

For those counting along - we are entering week 30 of the build (eek!)

They also grouted the stacked stone tiles around the bath, the mosaics in the powder room and around the kitchen window and finished off lots of other grouting (yay!).

They still need to come back however as the tiles that were ripped off in the laundry to make way for architraves took off the gyprock and that has yet to be patched up. So once that is patched the tilers need to finish off in there..

According to our SS carpenters were to be onsite 'over the weekend' to fix an issue with our huge stacking sliders (very noticable sagging under the frame of one set) but they weren't there when I stopped by.

This one is for Reinsey - the splashback mosaics sans yellow backing paper ;) -

Excuse the rubbish quality photos - my POS point and shoot often decides the just die in my bag regardless of how much charge the battery had last time I used it - so these are from my iphone and the light was terrible (rainy, grey day here today).

The tiles are still very dirty from grouting and look more silver in these pics than they actually are. LOVE.

I think the gyprock needs to be repaired here no? ;)

Powder room mosaics grouted


Toilet skirting tile grouted too..

Bath stacked stone tiles grouted - I bet thats not the easiest job!

Front balcony tiled - happy happy day :)

Hmmm - somethin' ain't right here... look closely at the wall/skirting..

Our SS has informed us that everything has been booked in right up to completion so I imagine things will really start moving soon..

Painter back this week, not sure about what else is booked in so it will be interesting to see if anything happens in conjunction with painting.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your mosaic splashback looks absolutely gorgeous! Fingers crossed things keep moving quickly for you!

  2. Gorgeous Shayne, grouting lifts the tiles to a whole new level. Beautiful sheen on the splashback. So frustrating the tiler can't finish one job at a time - hang in there. What was the story on the mosaic's around the mirror?

  3. Please make them do an extra tile around the mirror. Have a tantrum!!! It is un-even. It is all looking sweet though isn't it? Exciting!!!

  4. *3 cheers for the tiler*
    and another 3 cheers to you Shayne for picking totally gorgeous tiles in the first place.

    Dunno about the kitchen mosaics - I kinda liked the yellow paper effect :)

  5. Wow! Tiles look great grouted. You must be really happy to finally see all your hard work on colour selctions come together. Our tilers are due to start next week. Am a bit scared to live through 6 weeks of tiling based on your experience. I would persist in getting the uneven mosaics fixed. You might regret it later. What about a slightly wider mirror on the left to make the difference less noticeable? Is your handover date confirmed yet? Rush

  6. Thanks guys :)

    I mentioned in the last post (in the comments section) on the mosaic saga - the mirror is apparently larger than the backing board and will be centered according to the architraves, so that uneven tiling job wont be noticeable ..

    Rush - hopefully your place is actually ALL ready for tiling! I think the problem with ours has been that there were so many things that hadn't been done in preparation for the tilers, so they weren't able to dig in and just get it done. Then when each thing was fixed so they could get on with it it seemed to take ages to get them back. SO frustrating!
    First the underfloor heating wasn't done, then architraves, then a window in the powder room had to be moved, then the balconies weren't waterproofed, then there was some issue with the balconies once they were waterproofed - its been one thing after another!!
    No handover date confirmed yet - I hope we get one soon, as we have so much to organise!

    Reinsey - *snort*! Maybe I should've stuck with the paper effect - could be the next big thing in design? ;)

  7. Love the kitchen mosaics! A bit of glamour in the kitchen. Good on you:)
    We are at 6 weeks too for tiler and painter. Tiling still not complete and painting also not complete. Metricon are lucky that they offer good looking houses. Other than that I really don't see any other reason to recommend them to others.
    Our neighbour started the build a week before us and moved in today. Happy for them but we still don't have a PCI date and no communication from SS.

  8. Love the pics :-) looking awesome especially those kitchen mosaic tiles.

  9. I absolutely LOVE your mosaic splashback! Wishing we did something like that too :(

    Not long now Shayne :)

  10. Thanks Sandrine - adding some bling to the area was my aim ;) I didn't get the Ceasarstone with sparkly flecks in it so the tiles had to make the cut!
    I'm not glad you guys are in the same boat as us but it does make me feel marginally better about the fact that we aren't the only ones..
    You are right - they are lucky they design such nice homes - not sure I will be rushing to recommend them at this rate but we will see how smoothly the next 4 or so weeks pan out.. Let's hope they move it up a gear or 6 and everything goes well..

    Thanks melmox :)

    Tonia your place will be uber glam so don't worry too much about not having glam mosaics in the kitchen!!