Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stop press - we have CABINETS!!

I went by the house this afternoon to find one guy working away installing all the cabinets :)

On my way through to find him, the first room I saw was the laundry - looking fantastic in all its Concept Oak splendour!!

SIX overhead cupboards. *love*.

Benchtop will run the whole length of the wall. Double love.

Noticed today the underside of the overhead cupboards is white - I think thats a bit odd..or maybe I am just short? (I'm not really!)..

I had to stand outside to get the whole view.

So we have 6 overhead cupboards, a broom cupboard & 3 floor cupboards. Am regretting not trying to get at least one drawer underneath but it wouldn't have been very big anyway due to the placement of the pipes.

Then I turned to the left and saw the Powder Room. uh oh.

The cabinetry is supposed to be Concept Oak, same as the laundry, but its not...

Its Frosty White! Oh well, mistakes happen and when I spoke to the cabinet guy he said it was easy fixed :)
Its just a case of new doors and drawers but on the right hand side I chose to have open shelves so I think they will have to rebuild and replace that whole unit.

Interesting to note the waterproofing is only around the edges of the room..

Next I ventured into the kitchen, which obviously hadn't been started yet - 

The kitchen is a mix of Concept Oak (Island and microwave tower) and Poly (in Dulux Lexicon) on remaining cabinets/drawers

LOVING the white poly cabinetry!!

Then upstairs toward the sound of lots of banging..

The bathroom - 


Vanity in Frosty White (yep, that one is correct :) )

Shower is to the left, bath to the right

And last but definitely not least - the Ensuite..

Concept Oak

This photo shows just over half the entire vanity - two sets of drawers in the middle and a set of cupboards on each side. SO big, I LOVE it.. In our old  house there wasn't even a vanity - just an old pedestal style basin..

I only took one photo in there as I didn't want to get in the tradies way, and I felt so sorry for him working in the 43 degree heat, but he had a smile on his face!

Not sure if I will get to the house tomorrow so kitchen pics may be a few days off.


  1. Looks fantastic!!
    Loving your laundry and ensuite cabinetry.
    What a great feeling to see all the colour choices coming together.

  2. OMG OMG OMG!!!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! :)

    I am also having Concept Oak in my laundry and bathroom/ensuite and im glad it looks fantastic!! yaaay hehehe :) also having white matt cabinetry in my kitchen too!!! lol woot woot :)

  3. are your white cabinets a gloss or matt finish?

  4. Thanks girls!

    Sandrine its such a relief to see it all come together! Cant wait to see the kitchen combo together - hope it looks ok!! I'm SO glad I went for Concept Oak in the Powder Room, I am not feeling the white in there at all!!

    Tonia - great minds! Love the Concept Oak!! The white bits of our kitchen are glossy white which i wasn't sure about initially but now that I have seen it I love it!! The bathroom white is matte :)

    I can't wait now to see it all complete with tiling and benchtops - the finished picture so to speak ;)

  5. I am super dooper jealous of your gorgeous laundry cabinetry!! I had to forego anything in the laundry apart from the basics seeing I upgraded almost everything else in the house! (I'll get around to it after handover).

    I love Metricon homes and look forward to following the rest of your journey :)

  6. Looks great Shayne! Is concept oak a laminex colour? I dont remember us getting to choose from that at our selections :(

  7. Reinsey is in lurve xxx it's just beautiful. Things are realy ticking along for you now. Am DYING to see all of your other selections come together around those gorgeous cabinets!!!

  8. Thanks ladies - the exciting events at the house are helping push me over the finish line I think :) Feeling very much like my life has been in limbo for the last 6 or so months and can't wait to have our own space again!

    Karla my old laundry was absolutely hideous! OUtdoors, huge double sink that was one of those old concrete troughs, NO cupboards at all (we put a linen cupboard thing in there but it was tiny.., NO benchtop either!
    So I made sure I had a nicer one this time with lots of storage!!

    Cassandra on the back of my sample it says Parbury Panelart :)

    Reinsey I am dying to see everything come together too!! Especially looking forward to kitchen and powder room tiling :)

  9. It's looking fabulous! My old laundry sounds very similar to yours...no cupboards, no benches...just an old conrete trough :) We won't know ourselves! You've got the storage space covered! Where will you put the washing machine? I'm guessing it's a front loader and under the bench?

  10. Rachael our old laundries do sound similar - I think I will actually *enjoy* doing the washing!!
    Yep, the washing machine and dryer will go in that space to the left and will tuck under the bench :) I designed the laundry with maximum use if the space in mind so hopefully my measurements are correct ;)

  11. i love your colours!! even the laundry cupboards look great!!