Sunday, February 6, 2011

When you go down to the house today - you will find the elusive delivery!!

Curiosity got the better of me on Saturday and even though it was tipping 40*C I had to go to the house and have a good look at the kitchen take a few measurements and see if the delivery that had been eluding us for weeks had finally turned up as promised..

Turns out it was worth it!

I learnt that we get a gorgeous breeze through our family/dining/kitchen areas (still no doors on the house at that stage..)

I found our doors, architraves and skirtings had FINALLY shown up!! There had been a problem with the door hinges apparently and a lot of orders had to be held off as they had to be re-made or something..

I saw a load of bricks had been delivered - a good sign that the brickies must be coming back soon to do a few last things.

I got to play with the kitchen! Tested out all the Blum soft close mechanisms - very happy!!

Now some pics -

Our lovely big front door - will be stained a dark colour.
Those 8 glass panels are supposed to be frosted..oops.

I haven't yet posted a pic of these stairs, built at the same time as the staircase, in between the two levels of the slab, due to the slope of our block.

Our laundry door - will be painted

Internal doors. We went with the standard flush option in most rooms to keep the ballooning variation /upgrade costs in check. Easy to change in future if we choose to do so.
In the Master bed, Laundry and Powder Room we (I had to have them!!) chose timber doors with a frosted glass panel - they look amazing in the display!

Our tiny laundry external door next to our upgraded height internal doors. haha.

Doors and door jambs

The kitchen again! Microwave tower and drawers and cupboards to one side of the cooker.

I haven't posted a pic of the back side of the island yet as the guy was still working and I wanted to stay out of his way.
4 small drawers, dishwasher cavity, undersink cupboard and 3 large drawers.
At design stage I asked if we could incorporate a rubbish drawer in here somewhere and was flat out told they don't do them. Pretty disappointed with that.

Undersink cabinet. Looks they build it so the pipes possibly go behind the back of the top shelf? It has a lip at the back about 100mm from the very back of the cupboard. Will be interesting to see if thats the case once the plumbers have finished.

Internals of overhead cabinets - glassware will live here I think!

Internal of microwave tower cabinet, not sure why the lower section has no back? That will have a power point inside and I will put the kettle and toaster in there, and eventually pop a few small half depth shelves in there for tea and coffee etc.
The section with no back has pocket doors so they slide away out of sight when the cupboard is open.

Microwave tower again. Microwave provision and deep drawer below.

Looking from family room

Another view from family room

From Dining room

Joins in floors upstairs appear to have been sanded.

Monday should bring a fit out carpenter and lots of action on site - and possibly tilers, and maybe even the stone benches!

It occured to me over the weekend that before the tilers do the floors of the ensuite and bathroom the electricians need to come back and sort out the underfloor heating!!


  1. Shayne, drawer envy - absolutely gorgeous, love the Tower Unit. Overhead cupboard colour looks stunning. What colour Splashback.
    Ensuite - ditto.

  2. Hey! This looks great! I think they might need to make you another door if they got the glass wrong... ?

  3. Fabulouso my dear! Lots of space for plenty of wine glasses in all those cupboards! Love the hideaway cupboard for tea and coffee, you thought of everything. Hope your son doesn't try to hide in one of the drawers:)

  4. LOL Sandrine - he hasn't tried to get in the drawers - yet!

    Theres a long story with the pocket door cupboard - it was supposed to open out onto the bench (makes much more sense to me..) but somehow that got lost in translation and in the first drawings it came back almost at floor lever with the microwave at bench height.. I originally wanted the microwave higher than bench height and the pocket door cupboard smaller.. 2nd drawings it came back like that and I was told if I wanted to wait for them to contact the kitchen company to see if it could be done the way I wanted it the build may be held up. BS if you ask me as the internal drawings, cupboards especially, dont hold up slab/frame etc as the kitchen comes so much later.
    I was also told they don't put the microwave higher than bench height even though I have seen NUMEROUS Metricon display homes with it above bench height.

    So thats what I ended up with - and I dare say eventually we will have to foor the bill to change it around somehow!

    Robert, thanks :) I agree - pretty sure they will have to make a new door. I just hope they put that one on in the meantime as we have no doors and its starting to make me nervous!!

    Deb, thanks! Splashback is mostly window (gyprock needs to be trimmed to reveal whole window height) but there will be some tiles around the window, they are a metallic taupe kind of colour mosaic. Looking very forward to seeing those laid!

  5. I think you will be happy with the position of microwave. The advantage of being low is accessible and less dangerous, especially to children - 2 year old will one day be able to explode nacho's, popcorn etc...can't you wait! The open cupboard with the sliding front doors will not take up bench standing area (not that you lack in that department) I have managed to purchase a slide-out bin for one of my kitchen cupboards as my builder said no too....apparently now they offer a bin grrr...

  6. Thanks Deb - cant wait for the 2 year old to be microwaving things ;) LMAO! I have thought about the benefit of having it there and to be honest, as long as the toaster and kettle in the cupboard works ok for me - it will be better than taking up bench space room :)

    See the problem with purchasing an after market bin is the only cupboard I have that is suitable is under the sink - so I dont think that will work. I should have added another cupboard where I changed it to drawers then I could've had a kitchen company change it after handover. Oh well! A lesson for next time I guess..ha!

  7. Loving all the pics Shayne. Your front door (when they fix the glass lol) will look fantastic. We tried to keep our exterior low maintenance so steered away from the timber but gosh... i kinda wish we incorporated a little timber now, it's so beautiful!!!

  8. Shayne it all looks AMAZING! Im so jealous lol :)

    Looks like you will be in there in no time!!!

    Don't worry about the position of the sure it will be just fine where it is..

    Great idea for the tea and coffee too! :)

  9. by the way..our current microwave is positioned in the exact same area as yours and has not bothered us at all!

  10. Looking beautiful Shayne. Love your colours and your front door will look great!

  11. What a beautiful looking kitchen!! All that storage, how fabulous. Wonder why they don't do bin drawers? We ended up getting one in our kitchen but the price was extortion.

    Oh & I had heart palpitations when I saw your extended height internal doors cause that's something we didn't think of even though we chose higher ceilings. Then I remembered all our openings have been raised to 2340mm and the only doors you'll see are off the back hall. Still though... doesn't matter how thorough you think you are there's still something you miss :(

  12. Rachael - I may well curse the timber doors when they need to be re-stained! LOL. I do love them though, and cant wait to see them actually installed after all this time :)

    Tonia thanks for the reassurance re: microwave! I don't actually use it much at all so it probably wont be an issue - except that it will remind me of the irritating circumstances that led to it being there..haha. You will be in before you know it, being a single storey your build will fly by!!

    Thanks Cassandra - your place is looking fabulous, good luck at PCI!

    Karla you are so right, no matter how prepared you think you are I am sure there are always a few things you overlook. Our laundry external door height for example - LOL. And in hindsight I would've added some kind of doors to my study, but c'est la vie! Too late now :)