Thursday, February 10, 2011

A few tiling photos

I was in the area today so I drove by the house at 10am expecting to see the electrical contractors there laying the cable for the underfloor heating so was a bit concerned when I saw a locked gate..

However upon looking upstairs I was pleased to see they had been and gone and were finished already - and had even started to cut out holes for powerpoints and light switches all over the place. All before 10.30am. Nice.

So the tilers are due back tomorrow and this time should hopefully be able to work through and finish - fingers crossed for no more 'obstacles' in their way.

Our SS phoned Jason with an update yesterday on the situation but all Jason could remember by the time he got home was something about wisdom teeth and needing a day off.. From that I managed to glean that the carpenter (who was supposed to start today) has wisdom teeth issues and won't be there until Friday. I think I may cry when the house finally has doors!!

Here are some pics:

The powder room with its lovely Concept Oak cabinets now in place!

The laundry

The electricians have started the holes for powerpoints and light switches

Underfloor heating laid in bathroom

Underfloor heating in ensuite

Lonely piles of tiles waiting for some love

Although obviously dirty this gives a good idea of the floor tile colour. I went for a large tile to give the impression of space and am hoping this colour doesn't show up every fleck of dirt! I chose the same floor tile in every room, and a similar one for the balconies.
I like the contrast between the tile and the cabinets.

Thats it from me for today - if I can be bothered I might go past tomorrow afternoon and see what progress has been made (its an hour round trip and if theres nothing to see its a huge waste of time!).


  1. Looking good! Love your choice of floor tile!

    An hour round trip, I can understand why you'd want to make sure it's worth your while!

  2. I think I would still drive up to my block if it was an hour away haha but thats just me! :P

    Shayne, your tiles are looking mighty fine! Great choice :)

  3. Thanks Rachael, I'm really happy with the floor sweating on the rest of them looking good too :)

    Tonia if it were just me I would definitely do the drive - but I have to work around our son, who isn't great in the car at times - and I also have to factor in his sleep times, which means sometimes we get stuck in peak hour on the way home, which often ends in tears! Thats why I like to see work done on Mon/Tue - when he is in daycare and I am in the area to pick him up - LOL

  4. Love the tiles you have chosen, and underfloor heating - what a good idea!!!