Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tiling commences!

Hooray for tradies on site today!

Monday saw no action at the house, then yesterday when I drove by nothing was happening either..(after no action on Thurs/Friday either).just as I was becoming disheartened I received a call from Sam the Tiler late yesterday afternoon :)

He was on site then doing the bed of cement for the tiles and asked if I could meet him on site this morning to go over the tiles and directions etc for the tiles to be laid just to make sure everything was ok.

So we all bundled over to the house at 8am and I was excited to see the powder room floor almost tiled already!

We went through all the tiles (all are on site except for my ensuite feature tile.. AND the tiles for the Master bed balcony were left off the order - oops), Sam double checked which direction I wanted them laid and we looked at a few issues in the way of him getting in there and getting finished..

Both upstairs bathroom will have underfloor heating. At this stage the electricians need to come back and lay the underfloor heating so the tilers can start those rooms. I have been thinking about this for a week and didn't remind our SS as I don't want to be a pain, but I should have said something because Sam said if they don't get back to him today on it he will have to go to another job then come back. Argh!

Also for some reason the gyprockers haven't trimmed the gyprock correctly around our kitchen splashback window, which will have a small border of tiles around it. Another area they can't do until that is finished correctly. At this stage there is gyprock covering about half of the window! So really - all they can do today is the laundry and powder room :(

Ok - here is the window in question. See that sliver of light? The window finishes quite a bit higher up there than where the gyprock has been cut to. There is a loose piece covering up the bottom half that has since been moved too.

Powder Room floor almost finished at 8am this morning.
Sorry for the bad iphone image.

Now those very observant readers out there may have noticed in the photo above that the powder room cabinetry is now the correct colour!
There was a guy there changing it all over this morning and finished up while I was there. Nice and fast - I like it!
I have a chocolate brown mosaic tile with a silver baroque pattern on it going on the splashback wall of the powder room - cannot wait to see those. I think the room will be quote dramatic and moody but hopefully the gloss white subway tiles and benchtop will help to balance out the dark cabinets and tiles :)

Sam said it will take about a week to finish everything, and he did mention that lots of the tiles I have chosen are difficult to lay :) My contact at Di Lorenzo has contacted Sam and asked him to make sure he does an excellent job, LOL!

I will post again when I have better pics and/or more news on the progress (of hopefully NOT lack thereof!!).

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention we received our lock up invoice last week - biggest one yet - ouch! I suspect the fixing invoice won't be far behind ;)


  1. House beginning to have your personal stamp on it! so exciting.

  2. Thats great news Shayne!!! Looking forward to seeing some pics :)

  3. Sorry...I am a bit of a star trek fan and your window reminds me of Star Treks' Geordi LaForge glasses. Very thin and long...

    Anyway...I'll be quiet now :->

  4. What a PITA the tilers have to wait...when are the gyprockers and sparkies due back?

    I cannot wait to see your powder room finished it's going to look gorgeous.