Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why do I bother?

Warning: Slightly rant-ish post ahead

Not sure why I bother going past the house sometimes - another day of a locked gate and NO work completed. This house is going to give me an ulcer.

Tilers haven't shown up again - nor have the carpenters who were "a big crew who will finish in one day" (on Saturday).

Have contacted our SS and he got back to me via text to say he was off work until Thursday and would contact me then. So as I predicted yesterday I'm guessing the painter won't be able to start until next week at the earliest.

I just want things to keep rolling along - my life is in limbo and I am sick of it. I want it back!

Thank goodness I am going away next week - I need it.

On a good note - I am going to see Michael Buble in concert tonight, hopefully that will cheer me up (or at least a wine will!)


  1. Apparently it's a common occurance with Metricon. Don't despair, it will be done... eventually. I was bit frustrated like you, but the less I cared about things, the more quicker the process seemed like it was taking. I guess there's fuel wasting if you plan on driving by each day, and then to think about whether you're paying more rent the longer the building process takes.

    Hold your head up, look forward to moving in later in the year. If you want a hobby to occupy your time, start packing now in anticipation of the move. You'll be amazed at how much junk you don't need, or you think you need.

  2. Thanks Jay - I generally drive by when I am in the area as its an hour round trip, but I am finding it increasingly frustrating when things are sitting idle - after being told they will be done. I know you all know how that feels!

    Part of me feeling in limbo is we are living with my In-Laws. We are squashed into a bedroom, and 90% of our stuff is packed and in storage already. I have plenty to keep me busy but just want it all to end now!

  3. Hi Shayne. Yeah. Jay is right. I suppose we have been a little more fortunate as we both built single level homes. It seems the two story homes seem to take a little longer? From what I've been seeing, it's all looking good!

  4. uuurgghhh so very annoying when things aren't done when they're supposed to be! Hope the end of the week brings better news for you. If it helps any...our tiler hasn't been on site since Friday, therefore didn't finish the job over the weekend as promised. The painters haven't arrived either, i'm assuming because the tiling isn't finished!

  5. I know exactly how you feel Shayne. We (Craig and I and the girls) have been living with my parents, since the start of the build and we cannot wait to have our own space back. I bet that my parents can't wait to have their house back and no longer filled with kids toys.
    Its hard to not want things to hurry up and happen :) Bring back these tilers and painters I say.

  6. Stay positive chicky! This time next year you won't even remember these days of waiting and frustration, you'll just be doing the happily ever after thing in your totally stunning new home :)

  7. Robert the single storey contract time is half that of double storey :) So yes, its definitely been faster for you two! We moved out of our old home in July last year and this whole process started in Dec 09 - so I'm ready for ti to be wrapped up and move into the next phase (the real hard work!).

    Rachael - I am glad its not just me! (I should know by now to add at least a week to most of the things the SS tells us shouldn't I?)! Hope your tilers appear again soon too!

    Sandrine I bet my IL's cant wait too! Its been great being able to live here, don't get me wrong, but its hard when you are a grown woman with a child suddenly crammed into someone elses home with none of your own space or things, and I am the kind of person who needs my own space :) Being not all that close to all our "things" is hard too - DS daycare, gymbaroo, friends etc - everything is based near where we live so the driving it getting to me too!

    Reinsey - thank you :) I'm trying! Some days I just really feel it. I know as soon as we are in this will all be a distant memory :) Then I can enjoy watching all my other bloggy pals places go up!

  8. Hope u had a better day today *hugs*