Monday, February 14, 2011

Slow day..

After all the excitement of the benchtops and FINALLY seeing some doors/architraves go on in the house, as I should well expect by now - today it was a ghost town.

The carpenter told me they would be back today so not sure what that story is.

No tilers either - I'm thinking they cant start wall tiles until doors/architraves are on? Not sure though.

My bet is on the painter not being able to start until very late this week - if at all.

We went back Saturday evening to see what had been done Saturday and they are maybe half way through the job? Maybe. The doors that were installed incorrectly on the Laundry & Powder room hadn't been changed over (I'm wondering if maybe the correct doors don't fit??), some of the downstairs windows have been framed and they have installed the frames of our 3 sets of sliding stackers, and the front door is on.

 Upstairs they have installed a few doors (one seems to be upside down looking at the height of the hole for the handle - pic to follow), and have framed out windows in a few of the rooms. The sliding door frame for our balcony haven't been installed as yet.

Our front door looks so small in this photo - its 1020mm wide so its quite big!

Hello big expensive doors - nice to see you not leaning up against a a wall!
Family Room

Dining Room

Dining (right), Family (left)

Under the stairs gyprocked - loving all the storage space.


Looking out the front door - hello lovely porta-loo!

Heres to something to see when I go past tomorrow!


  1. Door does look smaller in the pic..we also got the 1020mm...i'll take your word that its big Shayne! lol

  2. We thought the same about our front door. All the display doors seem to be wider? The doors on the 'Reflections' brochure also looks bigger,is the promotional package you got too??
    Hope you get some more action this week,this stop start is not what we want.

  3. Sandrine we also got the reflections promotion with the 1020mm hoping that it does look wider in real life cos that is what im expecting..and i dont want to be let down!

  4. People...please...that door looks freaking HUGE!!!!!

  5. It does look small it's just an illusion, probably due to the lack of width in the entrance. Have a look at the photos of my house, because we have the glass infills either side it makes the door look wider.

  6. Tonia it is definitely 'big' compared to a traditional front door - just doesn't look big in the context of the house I guess!

    Sandrine we got the Reflections package too I think (the next one was MUCH better value - boo.). Tumbleweeds on site again today - I am seriously NOT happy.

    Jay is right - if there were sidelights it would give the illusion that the door was bigger - but we didn't have room for them.