Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Surprise!

I received a call yesterday from our SS with a quick update - the tilers were back (Friday) and the carpenter was still having issues with his wisdom teeth so our SS had organised a large crew to go in today and get most of the doors/skirtings and architraves fitted.

Great news!

Popped in this morning and there were no tilers - for some reason I thought they would be working today, back Monday I guess, and there were two carpenters there plugging away at the doors and architraves.

The big surprise however was that we now have benchtops!! And all the sinks have been installed except for the powder room sinks - SUPER exciting!!

Here are some pics:

Powder Room. Benchtop - 40 mm Caesar Stone Osprey

Powder Room - architrave fitted around left window. On the right there you can just see the door has been fitted - wrong one! I chose timber framed frosted glass feature doors for the powder room, laundry and master bedroom. No big deal, the doors are there ready to go and are easily changed.

Laundry - backsplash tiling. White gloss tiles = LOVE. Still to be grouted.

Double undermount sinks fitted into benchtop. Bench also 40 mm Osprey Ceasar Stone

I deliberated over moving the sinks closer to the end of the bench rather than having them centred but decided against it so I have bench space free opposite the fridge.

I extended the end of the stone by 20mm so we could put a few bar stools at the end and so our son can eat meals there if I am cooking etc.
Sorry about the dust - the carpenters were hard at it sawing timber in the next room.

Looking to study from on the stairs - architraves finished.

Bathroom. Osprey benchtop.

Upstairs toilet tiling almost complete - skirting tile to be laid.

Ensuite - sinks still to be installed.

We also noted today that the gyprockers had been back and had finished off around and under the staircase - was great to see how much space we have for storage under the stairs.

So this week coming at the house

 - the tilers should finish up

 - the fit out carpenters should finish up Monday or Tuesday (I asked today, the guy said if he had his whole crew he would finish today but there were only two of them)

 - the painters will be in to do the first coat

 - I think we might get our next invoice!

Things are really happening now - happy days! Hoping to see lots of action this coming week as next week I am off to Bali for the week with girlfriends :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. OMG wow!!! Looks divine Shayne! Loving the osprey benchtops..they look lovely against the concept oak cupboards :) Your tiling is looking great too! You have chosen very nice colours :)

  2. Lots happening for you at last, very beautiful!

  3. I am loving your colour choices, just beautiful. It all works really well together!

    Off to lucky duck! Enjoy :) xxx